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The Paperless FlightDeck Company

On-Board Data Systems (OBDS) has been serving the aviation industry for the last 19 years providing electronic checklist and electronic flight bag products and services to over 500 operators, fleets and OEMs.

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A Computer is NOT an Electronic Flight Bag until it's running MFB™

is the most comprehensive and intuitive pilot interface for electronic flight bags, allowing access to all applications, documents and data while minimizing pilot administrative activities and training time.

A core feature is the ability to securely sync documents, data and installable applications so that they are ready-to-use in the pilot's electronic flight bag with a single button via the internet and/or USB solid-state devices using advanced, patented delta-change technology.

MFB™ electronic flight bag software is designed to run on any and all Windows-compatible electronic flight bags and makes over 150 changes to Windows to bring it into full compliance with the Human Factors guidelines of AC-120-76.


OBDS is licensed and recommended by Honeywell to produce customized electronic checklists. We produce electronic checklists for most Honeywell Avionics platforms including the Primus ,EPIC, EASy, APEX and CDS/R Retrofits, SPZ Series and DataNav Series

OBDS also produces the custom "Normal" procedures to go with the Dassault-certified non-normal procedures for the Dassault Falcon EASy Flight Deck electronic checklists.

OBDS is licensed by Rockwell Collins to update the electronic checklist for the Proline 21 and the ProLine 4, AMS 850, EFIS 85 / 86.

FlightSafety International and On-Board Data Systems proudly announce a new discount program for FlightSafety clients, the FlightSafety Extended Advantage program.

Significant discounts on checklist initial and recurrent updates are now accessible
exclusively to pilots and operators training with FlightSafety International* via the myFlightSafety Portal.

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*(Discount may not apply to some aircraft )

MFD Checklist Update Services

Hundreds of aircraft around the world use the OBDS online electronic checklist (ECL) update service.

Our service has helped ECL's become a standard safety feature in MFD and EFIS units throughout the business aviation community and is recommended by several manufacturers including Bombardier, Dassault and Pilatus.

Electronic checklists save lives, mitigate risks and aids Cockpit Resource Management.


Virgin Blue Mitigates Risks with OBDS ECL Update Service

Virgin Blue recently standardized their Honeywell Primus EPIC ECL's for Embraer E-170 and E-190 aircraft with On-Board Data Systems' help.

Their exemplary decision to adopt fleet-wide ECL use is excellent testimony to the airlines commitment to aviation safety, but the reasoning of why they use ECL's goes beyond safety and touches on the economics of managing their fleet.

Click here for a presentation on Virgin Blue's ECL Program presented at the October 2009 Embraer Conference